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Our studio offers a safe space for you and your family to learn about art and enjoy the creative process. 

We offer both indoor and outdoor private sessions. Each session is personalized to your child's interests and needs and are designed to spark curiosity through questions and experimenting.  

Private Art Lessons


Our private one-on-one lessons can be customized to your child's specific needs, goals, and current knowledge. Private students have  access to the indoor studio, screened-in patio and our magical outdoor space.


Our private 1hr. lessons offer a combination of process-art and open-ended sensory experiences. Artists will be introduced to different mediums and age appropriate techniques as well an introduction to art history and current world artists. We will also provide plenty of sensory play experiences that encourage fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and imaginative play. 

Private sessions are recommended for children ages +4 and for no more than 4 children at a time. Each session is $60 and $25 each additional child. 

Private Family Art Experience

Starting at


Looking for a way to connect as a family?  Our private family sessions offer a magical space for your family to connect through art & creativity. 

Come for a private hour and create a large collaborative canvas together using different mediums and tools. We'll play your favorite music and fascilitate a magical experience for everyone. Have a color palette in mind? We'll help you create amazing art that you can proudly hang in your home. 


Up to 5 family members may join the experience. 

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