MAKE-UP POLICY –  We allow ONE make up class per session. If you miss a class, you have 1 month to make it up. Please register in advance so we have enough materials. Classes are non-transferable & non-refundable. 

In case of rain, class will be moved to an agreed date and time. 

How do I book a private class or group sessions? Once we have agreed on a date & time, we will send you an online registration link. You have up to  48 hours to register and submit payment. If we do not receive registrations & payment we will not be able to book your class.

Where can I host my classes? We will travel to your home, clubhouse, business, or community center. 

Is there a traveling fee? There may be a travel fee if we have to travel outside our usual service area. Please contact for details. 

Are parents/caretakers required to stay for the toddler playgroups?

Parents/caretakers are responsible for their child at all times and are required to stay for the duration of the playgroup. We encourage parents to use this time to experience and connect with your child as well as build a community with other like-minded parents. Drop off is available for children ages +4. 

I want to book a birthday party. How do I do that?

Visit our Birthday Party link and fill out our form. We will contact you to confirm availability and additional options.

My child is sick, can he still attend classes or playgroups?

We ask that no sick children attend, as germs spread very quickly at this age group. Children must be fever free for at least 24 hrs.


What is process art?

Process art focuses on the creative experience and process rather than on the end result. This means that we emphasize the experience, the intention, as well as the connection you have with the materials.  We often start our classes by asking simple or open-ended questions to encourage a connection between the creative process and the materials. 

Is the paint washable?

Some of the paint we use is washable, however, sometimes we use paints and or markers that are not washable. Although we provide aprons, sometimes paint will splash outside the cover area, we highly encourage that the children come dressed appropriately.  


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