Nature Connection

  • Encourage creative & innovative thinkers through art & play.

  • We believe in organic spontaneous learning, experimentation, and critical thinking.

  • To create a "yes" environment where children are given the opportunity to explore, create and experience hands-on learning.

  • Learning in nature and from nature through sensory & creative explorations.

  • We are play advocate! Defenders of the magic of play. Painted Leaf believes in creativity, imagination, problem solving and child-led learning.

Our classes, camps and birthdays are all: 







Children lead the way

We focus on the creative process, exploration, & experience rather than the result

Children explore all possibilities 

Children learn in and from nature

We are a  process & play based

art & exploration studio

We are true believers in the power of play, art, & creativity. Our process-based approach focuses on the experience of making & creating rather than the end result. This means we value and honor each child's uniqueness and encourage them to express themselves freely. 

Painted Leaf's classes & camps are designed to promote creativity, critical thinking, & problem-solving skills. By creating a "yes environment", a place where we say yes more often than no, we create an authentic learning experience and promote independence & self-esteem. 

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and have kiddos who love to explore and get creative they'll love our classes!

Our studio is located in Tampa, FL on 1 acre of land covered in oak trees & Florida nature. We offer both outdoor and indoor/outdoor hybrid classes for children ages 2-11.


When we're not in our Tampa studio, you can find us in A Simpler Place Farm and Market , an organic Riverview farm that promotes organic, local and sustainable foods in the Tampa Bay. We offer toddler classes & camps in the farm on Wednesdays and Fridays.  

Interested in bringing the Painted Leaf experience to your private event, business or organization? Contact us so we can customize your experience! 



We have had the pleasure of working with

  these  local organizations,

non-profits & businesses:


Dedicated to providing unique creative environments

Hello there! Since graduating with an art degree from the University of South Florida I have searched for a way to connect my love for the arts with my passion for encouraging our future innovators to be creative, critical thinkers and invested in learning. Inspired by my incredibly creative & curious daughter, Painted Leaf was born as a way to share my passion for art, outdoor education & sensory experiences. 

When I'm not facilitating creative experiences, I'm working as a portrait/lifestyle photographer, exploring Tampa's parks, or working on my own art. 


Art & Exploration Studio in Tampa Florida

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