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To encourage creative & innovative thinkers through art & play.

We believe in organic learning, experimentation, and critical thinking.

Create a "yes" environment where children are given the opportunity to explore, create and experience hands-on learning.

Learning from in nature and from nature through rich sensory & creative experiences.

Play is the most 

We believe in:
child-led learning: 

process-based  & open-ened experiences
nature connection

Sparking wonder & curiosity!

We are true believers in the power of play, art, & creativity. Our process-based approach focuses on the experience of making & creating rather than the end result. This means we value and honor each child's uniqueness and encourage them to express themselves freely. 

Our toddler classes meet outdoors and is perfect for creative and energetic 2-4yr olds who love painting, exploring, and making fun messes!

Our afternoon classes and workshops for elementary-aged children provide a solid understanding of art techniques, mediums, and art history. Through open-ended questions and art discussions, we encourage each child to find their creative voice and confidence. 

Painted Leaf's classes & camps are designed to promote creativity, critical thinking, & problem-solving skills. By creating a "yes environment", a place where we say yes more often than no, we create rich authentic learning experiences.


Today we went under the sea 🐚🌊_Lots of

We are currently working with some amazing local businesses to be able to provide a variety of classes & playgroups throughout Tampa Bay. 

You can currently find us in:

Riverview, FL


Tampa, FL


Community Roots Collective

Tribe Seminole Heights

Doby Elementary

Creative Loafing - Sensory Overload in 

Chihuly Collection

Littlest Trunk

Seminole Heights Soccer Tots

Interested in bringing the Painted Leaf experience to your private event, business or organization? Contact us so we can customize your experience! Read more about our mobile studio. 



We have worked with

Frozen treasures ❄️ this was such a hit!


Dedicated to providing unique creative environments

Hi! I'm so happy you are interested in Painted Leaf Studio!  

Since graduating with an art degree from the University of South Florida I have searched for a way to connect my love for the arts with my passion for encouraging our future innovators to be creative, critical thinkers and invested in learning. Inspired by my incredibly creative & curious daughter, Painted Leaf was born as a way to share my passion for art, outdoor education & sensory experiences. 

When I'm not facilitating creative experiences, I'm working as a portrait/lifestyle photographer, exploring Tampa's parks, or working on my own art. 

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