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The Art of Messiness

Let's talk about the art of getting messy! A lot of parents have told me that they would love to be more creative at home, but end up in messy chaos. I get it! Although I love a good mess, I'm also a mom that loves a clean house, so I've learned a lot through trial & error. Here are the top 10 tips I have learned along the way about designing & preparing an ideal creative space. One where your kids can create freely while you keep your cool. I feel that being prepared and setting the stage for art-making makes for a better experience for everyone.

1. If you are worried that your furniture or floor will be covered in paint, make sure you use an old sheet, canvas, newspaper or kraft paper to cover the surface. 2. Make sure your creative space is decluttered and only has the essentials close by. It makes it easy to access your materials & cleaning up. 3. Speaking of essentials, here are some items I like to keep handy to make the creative process & clean-up run smoothly -Small towels designated as the "art towels". Use one to clean your brushes and the other one for your hands. -Small sturdy containers with water to wash your paintbrushes - If you are outdoors you can even set a large bowl and fill it with water and designate it as the hand washing station. 4. Make sure you have a sturdy painting surface to make sure all materials stay in place. 5. Trays & bins can be your best friends and can create a perfect little working space. 6. Keep it simple! When it doubt, less is better. 7. Do not overfill your paint palettes. 8. Process art does not mean a free-for-all. There can be guidance and rules while still honoring their ideas & creative process. 9. Take it outdoors if possible. We usually use our backyard to get the messiest. 10. The less stressed you are the better the experience for everyone. Have fun! One of the best ways to not stress is to make sure you, the parent, are also wearing appropriate art clothing. Knowing that it's ok if you get a little splatter on your shirt (and even pants) will help ease your stress and help you, and your child enjoy the activity.

Does this help? Let me know if you have any questions


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