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Sea Expedition - Sensory bin

We just got back from a relaxing mini vacation in St. Pete Beach. We stayed in a little pink motel and spent two days playing in the sand and water. Misha loved every second of it. Between the infinite amount of sand to play with, the warm water and sea shells - it was a sensory extravaganza for Misha. I was able to sit on a chair, sip on a margarita and watch the sunset while Misha played. Score!

We picked and collected some pretty amazing sea shells as well. In memory of our Mini Summer Vacation 2018 - I present you the Sea Expedition Sensory Bin.

If you have been to the beach and collected some sea shells this is the time to put them to good use. If you don't have any sea shells, Dollar Tree sells them for $1.


  1. Sea shells (the ones you have collected in the past or some you have purchased)

  2. 4 cups of rice (we dyed ours green and blue. See this post to learn how to easily dye rice)

  3. Large bowl and smaller bowls for the sea shells

  4. Tray and/or blanket to put under the tray for easy pick up. We used both!


Put the rice on the large bowl and decorate it with your favorite shells. Then let them guide their experience based on their interest

This is a great activity to identify the color blue and green as well as talk about your past trips to the beach. If you haven't been to the beach, that's Ok, you can still talk about what it is, how it looks like and how it sounds.


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