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Sandy Letters

If your child is at the stage where they are showing interest in letters & writing this sensory activity is perfect for them! This easy activity is easy to put together and offers so many possibilities beyond writing letters. It reminded me of the peaceful Zen gardens with white sand and a tiny rake. 



-Sand, salt or cornmeal

-Letters (letter cards or letter magnets)

-Brush (optional)


Add a thin layer of sand (or other filler) on your tray. If you add too much filler on the tray it will be harder to make and see the letters, so add a little bit at a time. Set up the tray and place the letter cards or magnets right next to the tray. Pick a letter and ask your child to look closely at the shape of the letter. Is it round? Is it tall? How does this letter sound? Now that you've explored the letter have your child use their finger or brush to write the letter on the tray. Repeat with the same letter or different letters (we also did plenty of happy faces as well). We ended the activity by playing hide-and-seek letters. We took turns hiding & fiding the letters under the sand. 


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