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Ever since we had a strong thunderstorm the other day my little one has been interested in drawing & painting rain. Since we love everything rainbow we decided to make the brightest & most colorful rainy cloud ever!


  • Watercolor or thick paper

  • Cotton balls

  • Glue

  • Liquid watercolors or food coloring

  • Pipettes or dropper

Create time:

Start by adding glue to your paper in the shape of a cloud. If you want, you can do a pencil outline of your cloud and then add the glue inside your cloud. Use your fingers to pull the bottom balls apart and stretch them a little bit before glueing them down. Is your cloud nice & fluffy? Use the pipette or dropper to start adding color to your to your clouds. Once your clouds are exploding with color, add a couple drops of watercolor right underneath your clouds. Gently tilt your paper up so that the watercolor starts dripping down the paper. Keep adding rain drops of different color for a cool rainbow rain.

* Keep a small towel handy to clean up any watercolor that may drip off the paper

This is perfect for kids ages +3 to work on their fine motor skills, imagination & creativity.

If you give it a try make sure to tag us! We love seeing your beautiful creations♥️


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