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Pulling String Art

This activity is full of surprises & abstract shapes and it's super easy to set up.


  • String

  • Paper

  • Paint

  • Bowls

  • Paper towel or art rag

Let's create:

Pour the paints in your bowls; one paint per bowl. Cut a string approximately 12 inch long, one per each color you're using. Fold your paper in half and open it up, now you have a mini book. Coat your string in the paint by soaking them in the paint. Make sure to leave a couple inches uncoated so that you can hold the string. We used our fingers to squeeze the excess paint off the string; this part can get messy so make sure to have a rag or paper towel available to wipe your fingers. Place your string on your paper making sure you leave an inch or two of string off the paper. Now close the paper to make a little book. Holding your paper closed, pull the string off the paper. Slowly open your paper to reveal the results of your string art! It's a mirror image👀Do you see any shapes? You can experiment by adding different colors and vary the way your pull your string.


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