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Pink Florida Flamingo Playdough

Is there anything that says Florida more than flamingos and palm trees? This is a super colorful and textured filled invitation to play. This activity is great for rainy days.

The inspiration for this activity came from the the neon flamingos and palm trees stirrers we found at Dollar Tree (each package brings 10 stirrers for $1. You can't go wrong there!)

We paired it with pink homemade play dough we made following our 3 ingredient play dough and just adding a little glitter just for fun!


  1. Play dough + glitter (optional)

  2. 4 flamingo stirrers

  3. 4 palm tree stirrers

Play Time:

  1. Place the play dough and the stirrers in a table appropriate for their height.

  2. Place the stirrers in a container or on the table.

  3. Prompt them by talking to them about birds, flamingos, and where the State of Florida is located.

Misha loved to experiment with printing the flamingos and trees on the play dough. She also really enjoyed sticking the stirrers into the play dough and then experimenting with the little wholes that were left.


Remember to have fun!

Great for:

Fine motor skills: This is a great activity to work on those pinching, squeezing fine motor skills.

Sensory: Seeing and feeling the materials change within their fingertips is beautiful to watch.


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