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Monochromatic Yellow

What are monochromatic colors & how can we use it in art & play? A monochromatic color scheme is based on variations of one particular color. Imagine all the different shades, tones & tints of the same colors - it's infinite!

One way that we slowly introduced colors to our daughter was by creating monochromatic activities that focused on one color. She learned her colors in now time! You can go through all the colors of the rainbow for this activity and create different monochromatic experiences.


-Yellow playdough

-Yellow loose parts & toys

Play time:

For this activity we are focusing on the color yellow but feel free to use any color you want or have available. Look through your toys and try to find all the yellow ones! Place them all on your table or tray and talk to your child about all of the different yellows that they see.

How does the color yellow make you feel? Which yellows are brighter? Which yellow looks shiny? Which one feels smooth? And which one feels bumpy?

Introduce the playdough and let your child explore the different patterns & marks they can make on the playdough. Let their imaginations go wild with all the yellows!

Tag us using @paintedleafstudio if you try it out.


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