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Remember the sticks we painted in our Colorful Forest activity? We're going to re purpose them for this activity. This activity can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be. At the end of the day you don't really need to physically transform a stick for it to be magical wand, your imagination is more than enough. We just wanted to take some time to make an extra special wand.


-Sticks (ours are painted from our Colorful Forest project)

-Pipe Cleaners




-Paint & Brushes (optional)

Play time:

If you followed our Colorful Forest activity we painted sticks with bright colors. If you want to add this extra pop of color to this project you can start by foraging sticks and painting them with colorful paints. Once they're dry you can start transforming them into magical & wands. We each did one and worked on the wrapping & knots together. Wrapping ribbon on a stick takes time and fine motor skills, so be patient & encouraging.

Each wand will be as unique & special as the little person that made itWhat magical power does your wand have? Ours turns you into Ana & Elsa

Tag us using @paintedleafstudio if you try it out.


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