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Leaf Texture Rubbing

Leaves have such intricate & delicate textures. Let's explore them!


  • Paper

  • Crayons

  • Leaves

  • Tape (optional)

Create time: Go on a nature walk and collect different leaves of various shapes and sizes. Bring the fun indoors: observe & classify the leaves by size & color. Start by placing your leaves upside down on the table (you can start with one leaf and then keep adding) Place a piece of paper over the leaf. Let your child use their fingers to feel where the leaves are. Can you feel the different textures of the leaves underneath the paper? We taped down the four corners of the paper, this made it easier to keep the paper in place for the next step. While holding the paper in place use the side of a crayon to run over the leaf. Watch the leaves magically appear! It may take younger kids several attempts before getting the hang of it, but once they do, they'll make print after print.

Add a little watercolor color twist to the leaf rubbing activity for some unique prints. We used white crayons to rub the leaves so that the watercolors revealed the leaves structures. Almost as good as magic

We love seeing your creations. Tag us if you give it try! @paintedleafstudio ♥️🌿


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