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Java Dinosaurs

Nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning right? This activity is for all coffee lovers out there! Once you're done making your morning coffee make sure to keep your coffee grounds for this aromatic activity. We recommend you save your coffee grounds for a week or so this way you have enough for a larger bin.


-Coffee grounds

-Tray or bin


-Buckets with water

-Brush (options)

-Spoon or scoop (optional)

Play time:

For this activity, you can use wet or dry coffee grounds depending on what texture you're going for. Feel free to try both! If you want to try the dry coffee grounds, save your grounds and put them on a tray to dry. You can break up the coffee with a fork once it's dry.

Place the grounds on a tray or bin along with the dinosaurs. Place your bucket of water with the brushes next to the tray. It's now time to explore! There is no wrong way of doing this so just let your child explore the textures, make the dinosaurs muddy and then wash them up. Repeat! How do the grounds feel? How do they smell? Do the dinosaurs need a bath after a day of playing out in the "mud"?

After you are done with your exploration you can add the coffee grounds to your garden for a fertilizing boost!

Tip: make sure to cover your floor or table as this activity can be messy! Or even better, take it outdoors.

Tag us @paintedleafstudio if you do this activity. We love seeing how everyone makes it their own♥️


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