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How do Colors Feel?

How do colors feel? This is the question of this colorful sensory activity.

Although the original activity was a combination of water play and color mixing, Misha's take on it was a little different. I set up two different bowls - one filled with blue water and the other filled with red water. What happens when you add red water to blue water? What about blue water to red water?

Through this experimentation Misha decided to put each hand on each bowl sparking this question: how do colors feel? Does red feel different in your hands than blue?

This is a great activity to do outdoors and requires only 2 simple ingredients.


  1. 2 large bowls

  2. Water

  3. Food coloring (pick two colors you want to experiment with. We chose red and blue)

  4. Optional: ladel, smaller containers to pour

Play Time:

  1. Fill each bowl with water and place it on a table that is appropriate for their height.

  2. Add 1-2 drops of coloring of your choice to each bowl, we chose red and blue.

  3. Prompt them with the idea that they have the magic to create a totally different color by mixing one with another.

Here are some simple toy ideas to add to the play experience:

  • Legos or blocks

  • Containers of different size to pour

  • Ladels and spoons

Make sure you are art clothes aka clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and stained.


Remember to have fun! There may be a little mess so I encourage you do this activity outdoors and just embrace it. As long as they respect your rules, the materials, and everyone else I let them lead the experience.

Great for:

Fine motor skills: This is a great activity to work on the pouring skills.

Sensory: Seeing and feeling the materials change within their fingertips is beautiful to watch.


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