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Shaving Cream & Tempera Swirls

There is something about shaving cream and how amazing it feels! It's so fluffy and soft. Now imagine adding splashes of color and and creating soft colorful swirls.

This simple activity is great for talking about colors and how they mix together. It's also fun to talk to them about how this fluffy thing they are touching feels sooo soft in their hands and smells sooo yummy.


  1. Shaving Cream (foam not gel)

  2. Tempera paint (we used yellow, green, blue, red)

  3. Tray or plastic bin

  4. Wooden sticks

  5. Optional: paper and paintbrush


  1. Add several circles of shaving cream foam on the tray or bin. We chose to do 5 foam circles.

  2. Pour tempera paint on top of the different foam circles.

  3. Add a Popsicle stick on top of each foam mount so they can mix and swirl the color and foam.

Tip: Make sure to always have some paper towel or old towel handy to clean off their hands if they need a break from the fun colors.

This is a great invitation to play for toddlers. They are immediately drawn to the colors and textures of the foam and paint.

We always provide her with a large bowl filled with water so she can wash her hands and paintbrushes when she needs to. It's important for her to feel as independent as possible when she is discovering and problem solving.

It was a really fun activity. Even for Dad who ended up joining us towards the end.

If they do end up painting with the foam swirl on paper, lay the paper flat to dry. Once dried you should have some funky color patterns and swirls!


Remember to have fun!

Great for:

Fine motor skills: This is a great activity to work on those pinching and squeezing fine motor skills.

Sensory: Seeing and feeling the materials change within their fingertips is beautiful to watch.


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