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Dinosaurs Take a Bath

It's dinosaur bath time! Can you help us get the dinosaurs nice and clean? Make sure you also brush their teeth! This activity works with any toy you have that can get wet: dolls, cars, etc .



-Large bowl or tray -Squeeze bottles or empty soap containers

- Couple drops of soap (optional)

- Food coloring (optional)

- Brushes

- Hand towels

- Dinosaur toys (or any toy that can get wet)

Play time:

Fill your squeeze bottles with water, add a couple drops of soap & food coloring (the last two are optional but are definitely fun). Put the dinosaurs in the bowl along with the brushes and talk to your child about bath time. Do dinosaurs have bath time? These certainly do and they need your help to get squeeky clean!

Once they're done washing them they can use the hand towels to pat them dry.

This activity is perfect to do outdoors or in the bathtub.

Tag us using @paintedleafstudio if you try it out.


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