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Colorful Forest

This is a super simple activity that combines art & nature and will get you outdoors. Let's plant a colorful forest!


-Foraged sticks

-Paint (tempera or acrylic)


-Palette or paper plate.

-Paper towel or rag


Play time:

Start outdoors and collect the coolest sticks you can find (sticks can be cool! right?) Build a playdough base that is thick enough so that it can support the sticks. As you are "planting your forest" you can start a conversation with your child about how trees grows & forests. I love how simple activities can help start conversations & new learning experiences. Once you planted your forest, it's painting time. Make your forest as colorful as possible!

We're planning on using the sticks for another activity so we'll be taking it apart tonight and storing our playdough.

Tag us using @paintedleafstudio if you try it out.


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