Caterpillar Soup

Here's a simple play idea that will cost you nothing & will help spark new conversations & learning experiences. Have you ever made caterpillar soup? Do caterpillars even like soup? 🐛🥣🌿

Materials: Water Large bowl Smaller bowls & cups Spoon & ladle Whisk Foraged materials (leaves, sticks)

Play time: Arrange all bowls & spoons on a tray, your kitchen table or outdoors. Add water to your bowls & cups (I recommend you only fill it 1/4 so that there's room to add more water later). Take a bowl outside and forage for caterpillar food (leaves, sticks, even rocks! Anything that looks interesting 🌿) Take it to your cooking station and ask your child to help feed all the caterpillars in the neighborhood by making a delicious caterpillar soup.

Let them pour, scoop & mix. When soup is done ask your child to pour a little bowl to all the hungry caterpillars. . Have fun!

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