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Birthday Cupcakes

Here in my home we're obsessed with anything related to birthdays. We talk, almost daily, about our & our friend's birthdays. We even plan our future cakes & cupcakes. What can I tell you, it's a popular topic in my home. Unfortunately, I know some kids may be missing out on their birthday fun or other celebrations due to COVID-19, so here's a simple idea that you can do on their birthday or like us, celebrate & plan future birthdays.

A good starting point for this activity is asking your kid: If you could bake & decorate your favorite birthday cupcake what it look like?


-Cupcake liners or cupcake tray




-Straws cut in half or quarter (optional)

Play time:

Arrange all materials on a table or tray. Talk to your child about birthdays, recent ones you've been to, or planning future ones. Let them cook, concoct and decorate their own cupcakes. This is the perfect addition to a tea party as well!

Tag us using @paintedleafstudio if you try it out.


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