Kids Drawing

Tiny Makers

Ages 3 - 5 (parents/caretakers required to stay)

5 week sessions 

Drop in available 

This creative and fun class will let children have unstructured time to play and be creative. We will focus on one process-based art project were the kids are able to explore the provided materials and create at their own pace and style.  We will offer guidance and encouragement throughout the project, however, we encourage kids to make their own creative decisions and work on their artistic expression. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate and to play alongside the kids as they enjoy painting, drawing, collaging, printmaking, and more!

Kids in Art Class

Little Artist

Ages 4 - 6 (drop-off)

5 week sessions 

Drop in available 

Now that you are old enough, you can join class by yourself now! Yay! This drop-off class will focus on an open-ended project as well as unstructured time to explore other activities set up throughout the studio. We encourage each child to explore their imagination as well  You can expect drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, and more! We try to build on new techniques as well as introduce children to light art history. Each class ends with a show and tell were each child will share their projects and describe their favorite part of the project or activity.

Art Fun

Tampa Artist

Ages 6- 10 (drop-off)

5 week sessions 

Drop in available 

This class focuses on how to use the different materials and techniques to create unique projects and art work. We encourage the children to use their imaginations and be confident about their ideas. Projects are centered around art techniques, art history, current culture and of course innovation and play. Each month we will choose a different theme and will build on techniques and style. Some projects will take more than 1 day to complete, so we highly recommend you sign up for the monthly session.

Classes Guidelines

  • Art is sometimes messy! Please wear clothes that allow children to create freely without being worried for getting messy. 

  • Tiny Makers ONLY: Parents/Caretaker are required to stay during the entire playgroup session. Parents/Caretakers are responsible for their child at all times. Children are usually so involved in the projects and activities that they rarely misbehave. In the case that the child is being too disruptive we will try to help re-direct the situation, however, if the situation continues we will have to ask the parent and child to leave. 

  • We have a minimum of 3 children per class. If we do not meet that minimum within 24 hours of the class we will have to cancel the class.  

  • No sick children please! Germs spread fast in this age group. Children must be fever free for at least 24 hrs. 


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